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Are You Allergic To Christmas?

Now that we are getting chilly nights and the twinkle of snow is a distinct possibility, it is a fine time to get a cup of cocoa and think ahead to the best season of all and that is Christmas.

Although some people may want to delight in the scent of a pine tree there are an increasing number of people who are unaware that they have an allergy to real Christmas Trees. Reactions to pine, fir, and spruce trees can begin causing disturbing allergies when entering a home or to be near a pine tree and I should know I am one of those people. The best Christmas tip someone gave me once was “Buy an artificial Christmas tree”.

I can itch, have plugged sinuses, tears in my eyes, and sneeze away when I am near a Christmas tree, and other real Christmas decorations such as wreaths or garlands. While I would enjoy the scent of pine, I just cannot get near them anymore and since a child, I was tormented by the Christmas Tree during the Holiday Season.

Allergy season may also include the Christmas season as many doctors can account how many patients come in for allergy tests only to find a real issue and reaction to Pine trees, or spruce or fir trees.

This is because most Christmas trees have a little pollen on them when you bring them into your home from the fall season. The real problem is that most of the real trees in any part of the country have dust and or molds, which can cause allergic reactions when you bring them into your home.

These substances can cause an asthma attack for asthma sufferers and those with re-occurring sinus infections. In my research, every tree buying product review I have read has introduced the possible allergic reactions the public has to trees.

Most trees are cut down during the month of October and stored where they collect these allergens for months in the damp and the rain. The trees also collect ragweed pollens, and mold fungal spores from the farms where they are raised its just inevitable. When you move the trees or they are drying out in your home the spores fly into the air, which circulates around your home with the hot warm air from your home heating furnaces.

Researchers have found the levels are approximately 200 times higher in a home with a real Christmas Tree than with a home with an artificial Christmas Tree. I especially am fond of the 4 foot FiberOptic Christmas tree I have in my teenage daughter’s room as it is white and twinkles as it revolves on its base. My daughter loves to fall asleep beside it with visions of Christmas and soft music playing in the background.

An allergy specialist from an asthma organization recommends artificial Christmas trees for those who suffer from asthma, and allergic reactions to real Christmas trees.

To reduce the allergy spreading hazards you would have to do a lot of cleaning of the trunk of you car, or truck using a mild bleach solution.
You would wash the trees outdoors with fresh water and hose it down and let it dry out for a few weeks. A leaf blower to clean off the branches would be used while using a dust mask and far away from your house.

The recommendation is also to let someone else decorate your tree if you or family members suffer from allergies to pollen, fungus, ragweed, and mold spores and that is no fun at all.
Also if the trees are brought inside during the early part of winter people are more likely to develop a respiratory virus because our resistance is down in the winter. Persons who may not have allergies might react to the evergreen trees of Christmas.

Seems like a lot of work to get a Christmas Tree for the holiday seasons to enjoy when you can simply purchase an Artificial Christmas tree already decorated and ready to sit up pretty in your home. The newer models have Pre-Lit Trees and Pre-decorated tree models that are professionally designed with all the trimmings you would expect and find in a high end department store.

For those with asthma it may wish to carry extra medication or an EpiPen to grandma’s house or visiting friends over the holidays just in case it becomes a severe reaction.
The best way to enjoy a Merry Christmas is with an Artificial Tree made of non-allergic materials. If you bought one from last year, you would also have it stored in a dry place in a storage zippered bag, or even a well-sealed box that will not have collected any dust for months or pollen. You simply just have to pop it out of the bag and plug it in….nice, cozy, and quick.

We all want to be able to enjoy our Christmas seasons without the allergies and I will be enjoying my pre-decorated and Artificial Christmas Tree all season - without a sneeze.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

The best part of the Christmas Season is spending precious quality time with your family and friends.

That time can be spent usually trying to set up the tree only to have it fall down and drown your carpeting with the water container below it.

It has happened to me several times, in fact one year of the real tree convinced me on the ease and convenience of an Artificial Christmas Tree. It got so bad that I had to tie the tree to the radiator because every morning I would awake to find the tree, the decorations, the needles, the water all over my thick beige carpeting. What a mess!!!

Every since that time I have had an Artificial Tree in my home and thankfully they never fall over and make a mess.

Artificial Trees are perfectly shaped and symetrical and most come as a PreLit Christmas tree or even Pre-Decorated Trees so you do not have the hassle of playing with that string of lights that are all tangled up on the floor in a ball.

The perfect Artificial Christmas Tree each year with its own storage box and is easily taken down and stored in that same box.

My friend Susan has had the same Artificial Tree for over fifteen years and says its a very durable tree that she enjoys and knows quickly how to set it up in her living room.

Artificial trees are fade resistent so they stay the same brilliant green color year after year and are flame retardant not like real Christmas trees which as they dry and have lights on them can become a fire hazard.

There are so many varieties of Artificial Christmas Trees that come in various heights from 5 feet, to 6 or 7 feet tall, and are Pre-Decorated Trees which I really enjoy the most. There is a selection of FiberOptic Christmas Trees and you can purchase the Artifiical Christmas Trees online. The most beautiful is the White Christmas tree with is soothing white color which seems to have a mystic quality surrounding it especially with the lights and decorations.
The thought of making memoriable moments with your family is much more rewarding with a
Pre-Decorated Artificial Tree that adds beauty and holiday cheer to your home in an instant.
This is one holiday investment you will never have to repeat or regret making year after year.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Select An Artificial Christmas Tree For The Holidays

Artificial Christmas Tree

The use of the Christmas tree began long ago in Europe, mainly in Germany. Gradually, the age-old tradition of a Christmas tree came to the United States where ornaments containing edible items such as candy, nuts, bits of fruit, and handmade cloth and paper decorations. The Christmas tree is now a universal symbol of Christ's birthday and brings about a message of hope, love, and peace to all.

A good old-fashioned Christmas tree will bring many fine memories of family holiday dinners and parties with friends and relatives. Today, people have the option of buying Fresh cut or synthetic Christmas trees. Initially, most people cannot readily cannot tell the difference between the two types of trees and each type of tree has its benefits. Both have that special magic and glow of festive and happy times, which contain memories people treasure.

Most of the retail stores display heavily decorated imitation Christmas trees during the holidays, so that it is a common sight for shoppers.

The original artificial Christmas trees were created from dyed green bird feathers that were supposed to imitate a green fir tree. Presently, these synthetic trees are crafted from synthetic fire resistant materials, and are very realistic. Mainly,man-made trees were crafted for people who wanted to save time, money, and the energy of maintaining and cleaning up the needles of a real tree.

Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is also a money-saver as it can be used repeatedly again by families for years to come.
There is no need to chop down a beautiful fir tree in the forest, when there are synthetic trees that look very similar. There are also so many styles and heights to select, such as heavy or flecked imitation white or even pink snow on the branches, evergreen, and many more types of trees.

Here are some of the reasons why a synthetic tree is best:

1. An artificial tree does not have to be watered daily.

2. Imitation trees can be used every year because they are easy to care for with no needle shedding to worry about.

3. These trees do not give allergic reactions and are treated so that they are flame resistant.

4. Some artificial trees are prelit, so the next step is to decorate the branches to personalize the tree.

5. The trees are so realistic that many people cannot discern the difference, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

6. Most of these trees can be assembled and taken apart easily for storage.

In sum, artificial trees can be a great bargain and a convenient way to go for the holidays.

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Will Sandey is a writer for His main interests include interior design and home decor.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas Tree

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